2 thoughts on “Biology & Autism

  1. Hi Baden,
    Thanks for posting this link for your readers and the GAPS community to read. My friend from the SCD- Mara originally posted this on the SCD yahoo support group.
    What I find super interesting about this development/article (continuing on what Mara originally said) is that it’s a round-about acknowledgment from the medical community that gut ecology plays a role in Autism.
    I think coming from the IBD perspective (I have Crohn’s) it is kind of more acknowledged just how key the role of gut ecology is in bowel health- not enough but it’s an encouraging start… To kinda quote various Gastro docs I have had over the years, “We treat with antibiotics because we know it somehow helps..” some are now even giving probiotics!!
    This to me is a clue that there is *some* understanding from the medical community- they just don’t know how.
    I love the idea that Dr’s Haas, Elaine and Dr McBride are so ahead of the curve and have totally understood and embraced this very living concept.. teaching us to implement a diet that starves all bacteria and then –we– come in with new tools, mindfully replace good bacteria.. it works and implants since we are healthy enough for it to.
    I love this about the various protocols and I love just how GAPS tweaked my program just perfectly for me both to understand this intellectually and achieve this for my health.
    This article to me represents just how accurate Dr McBride’s work – is about the fundamental and intricate relationship that the gut and mind (psychology part) work so hand n’ hand and it’s beautifully synergistic…
    This kinda thang gets me hopeful!

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