Internal Bliss: New GAPS Cookbook

A week ago, I received my copy of the first-ever GAPS-specific cookbook. I squealed with delight right off the bat to see that it is coil bound (so easy to work from!) and that it had a good range of recipes, and by some of my favourite GAPS bloggers. I didn’t get to find out much more about it because a friend was eager to borrow it. We’ve agreed that she can hang on to mine until her own copy comes in, at which time I’ll give a more comprehensive review. In the meantime, here’s what my friend had to say about it:

Love having a book of recipes I don’t have to adapt for the GAPS diet! Love the coil ring format for easy reading while I’m cooking. Love the organization of it into common sense categories! Love the simple and straight-forward instructions! Love that it arrived just in time for the feasting season! Most of all I love the time I will save when I don’t have to search for recipes on the Internet before I spend even more time adapting what I find. [L.F., British Columbia, Canada]

By jove, I think she likes it!

A huge thanks to all those who made this book happen! (When I get my copy back, I’ll be listing and linking to the contributers directly.)

For more information about the Internal Bliss cookbook, or to order a copy, click here.
For more GAPS blogs and GAPS-friendly recipe sources, see the second comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Internal Bliss: New GAPS Cookbook

  1. Hello,

    Can you link us to the book so we can purchase it? Who are your favorite GAPS bloggers so I can put them on my google reader? Thank You!

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