Taco Salad

Until I go to use one, I forget how I struggle with recipes for savoury dishes. Three years ago I could cook only brown rice perfectly -I’ve come such a long way in preparing healthy foods from scratch that I tend now to bomb forward in the kitchen, departing from most recipes after the first two ingredients. Nonetheless, recipes are a great inspiration to me, and the one for Taco Salad (p. 83) in the new Internal Bliss GAPS cookbook proved this again!

I was skeptical at first, thinking its ingredients were so familiar in our household’s repetoire, how could it take me beyond my usual fare? I followed the recipe, though, and WOW! We loved it! (In fact, a few days later I overheard my partner exclaiming to a health food store that they needed to make this dish for their deli!) Like no other GAPS recipe I’ve prepared, this one took me back to the days of enjoying the deep flavour of my much loved Mexican fast food -but this was so healthy!

The recipe mixed and matched some of my favourite ingredients in a new way, and added oregano -a flavour I would never have considered for a spicy beef dish. Variations: I used fresh vs powdered garlic and onions, sauteeing these in a pan before adding the beef, skipped the optional yogurt, and spooned some salsa on top.

Fess up, author of the taco salad! Which cookbook contributer were you, please? And thanks for the fantastic meal!!

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3 thoughts on “Taco Salad

  1. I recently bought this cookbook, and have been enjoying it a lot. But I don’t think I would have made the Taco Salad unless you had posted about it here. This was a delicious dinner. I am really amazed at how much I enjoyed it and how good I feel after eating. Because I keep kosher and therefore don’t eat meat with milk, I left out both the yogurt and the cheese, but added in some extra tallow for fat content. I too used fresh onion and garlic. And I used arugula instead of romaine lettuce. This was my first salad since beginning the intro diet, and felt great. Thanks for this post which encouraged me to try it out.

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