Sam Heals: The Impact of GAPS & Intro

A mom has posted to her blog videos of her young son before and after GAPS. I don’t think it’s just one thing that makes me sob over these videos; I believe it’s several different things at once: pondering the internal experience of young Sam in the first two (which I imagine to be similar to what I used to experience inside myself); having a pretty good idea of what the mom felt in her son’s first years and upon witnessing the first outcomes of intro; seeing the incredible results in yet another child; the awareness of how many families don’t yet know about GAPS.

After watching the videos here, be sure to read Janice’s notes below them, as well as in her response comments. Her thoughts on and experience with intro are so timely!

Today I met a young girl who made limited eye contact, was very whole-body fidgety, could not dialogue effectively, and did not cooperate with instruction, including for safety. Now, she is a beautiful girl and seemed largely happy. She is well-loved, well cared-for, and was able to have a lot of fun -and all of that rocks. I ached for her safety, though, and for her options in fulfilling her own dreams. When I saw what she was eating for lunch -a lunch lovingly and consciously created by her mom but chock full of grains and fruits- my heart just ached.

Thank you, Janice and Sam!! Thank you for sharing with us your story! (And thank you so much, Gerrit, for posting the translated version to the GAPS Netherlands site such that I found it.) With videos and other documentation, we can that much more effectively get the word out!

Way to heal, Sam! Way to go, Mama Janice! You both rock!

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2 thoughts on “Sam Heals: The Impact of GAPS & Intro

  1. BTW, I want to go onto stage two but I noticed in the Guide that it is not clear how long one should do each stage for, it’s only stated that one should check for reactions to the new food introduced and then go on to the ext stage. How long after first eating a new food should one wait to see if there is an reaction though? Does he reaction time differ with different foods? I’d appreciate any light you can throw on this, especially since the only ‘reaction’ I have to food in daily life – to all food in fact- is big tummy bloating and this has not stopped yet, so if I introduce something new how do I know if I am ‘reacting’ to it? I guess if it got extra bloated?
    P.S DAy 4 and my energy has returned at least!

    • Hi Chanahhall,

      Introduce a new food, style of preparation or supplement every four days or so. Continue doing so unless you note a new symptom, or exacerbated bloat, yes. Otherwise, just keep moving forward.


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