Despite being very keen on getting to them, I’ve been terribly behind on responding to comments! My apologies! Alas, the past week has involved two significant transitions: the end of my son’s school year and a yet another house-move for my partner. These two pieces have kept me very busy.

I’ve managed to process (‘approve’) comments daily, though, and once I get that initial read in, I do ponder the questions while I’m booting around with other activities, so by the time I get a chance to respond, I’m ready!  This evening has been my first opportunity to write those thoughts down, and I’ve been plugging away at it. Please check out the various posts of interest to you for continued discussion. I do have a few comments to respond to yet and will do so ‘ASAP’.

In the meantime, I wanted to check in with you all about how you did with the thirty day “laughter” challenge, which wraps up today. I’m happy to say that during all of this past week’s craziness, I managed to stay very positive and calm, thanks in large part to keeping this commitment! Every day I very intentionally took time to simply laugh!

An unexpected outcome of this challenge was that I started noticing throughout the course of each day which activities and thoughts had the effect of ‘contracting’ my gut and which had the effect of loosening/softening/expanding it. I learned that driving within the congested city and wanting my son to behave differently, for examples, resulted in my belly clenching, while sitting in the sun holding my boy or making a simple, creative dish opened it. I believe that the contraction/expansion I feel in the belly area must impact my digestion. I’m grateful that over the past twenty years, through counselling, diet, boundary work, and self-care, my belly spends increasingly less time tightening and more time opening. How about yours?

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2 thoughts on “Transitions!

  1. wow, love this and i want to start thinking about it so i will learn this about myself.

    just read your book and wanted to say; what a strong, brave, intelligent, honest, caring person you are.

    • Rebecca: Thank you so much for your kind words!! Words like this help me carry on in this work. (It can be difficult to put oneself out there!)

      All my best,

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