Win The Newest GAPS Recipe Ebook!

A new GAPS recipe book has hit the virtual shelves! Sarah over at Nourished and Nurtured has recently released her latest work, a cookbook containing 60 nutrient-dense recipes, 57 of which are GAPS-specific. More good news: Currently, it’s just $5! I haven’t had a chance to check the contents out yet but, as a follower of her fantastic blog, I can tell you that I find Sarah’s work to be consistently clear, concise and straightforward. Her contributions to the GAPS community are a gift to us all. You can find examples of Sarah’s presentation and recipes throughout her blog, and details about the ebook here.

For a chance to win a FREE copy, post a comment on my blog, right below this post. (Note: It is not necessary to publicly post your name or email address -those will appear privately for me, maintaining your privacy while allowing you to be drawn and contacted.) One name will be randomly drawn March 10th. The post you are reading this very moment will then be amended to include the winner’s name. I will contact Sarah with the winner’s contact info for receiving the book. The winner: Niki, who posted comment #21, is the winner of the recipe ebook! Congratulations, Niki! Sarah will be emailing you with your copy. Everyone else: Remember, this ebook is just $5, so even if you didn’t win it, it remains super accessible -and for heaps more recipe and support resources, you can check out my blog’s ‘Support for You’ page here.

Thank you, Sarah, for one more excellent resource for healing deliciously!

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61 thoughts on “Win The Newest GAPS Recipe Ebook!

  1. Thank you for another GAPS recipe resource! I am new to GAPS, but I am seeing the wonderful benefits increased energy and clarity for both my 9 yo and myself and I appreciate the information on your site about GAPS and kids. I also convinced my mom, currently on her fourth(!) antibiotic since December, to let me try making some GAPS meals for her to help her gut heal and her body to rebuild from some major infections on top of her long term Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis. I can’t help but wonder if she’ll see a reduction in her inflammation with a change in diet too…

  2. Thanks for this, Baden. So far on my GAPS journey, I’m doing well….learning much about listening to my body and persevering with the goal of excellent health always in sight! Having some more recipes to inspire my journey would be most excellent!

  3. Terrific news, Sarah and Baden!
    I am slowly making my way off the intro stages and am looking forward to using my safe foods in everyday recipes. This is a very exciting stage of my progress and a tribute to the success of GAPS – all over the world!
    Maree (Crohn’s)

    • Roxanne,
      We just found this site and it was good to see your post. I am considering starting a family of 6 on the GAPS diet. Have thought about it many times but it has always seemed so overwhelming. I know we would all benefit from this, it’s just convincing everyone.

  4. Hi there. :) My boyfriend and I are brand new to GAPS, but we’re already very enthusiastic! In fact, we hope to start our own blog to help the community soon. Winning this e-book would sure be nice for research. Thanks for the opportunity! Great site.

  5. Nourished and nurtured is a great blog! I wonder if there are many recipes in there that aren’t already on the blog?

  6. Wow what a great giveaway…I am feeling a little overwhelmed with GAPS at the moment so this sounds like it would really help!

  7. Very grateful for those on this journey.. because without them, there would be NO “new recipe” book! I LOVE new recipes–its what keeps me going– and I am hoping to get picked!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity Baden and Sarah! I am transitioning into full GAPS and would love this recipe book!! Bless you all in all you do to help others with their healing :)

  9. What a cool giveaway – trawling through websites for recipes is great but it would be a real gift to have it all done for me in a book – might even manage to have 2 minutes to myself!

  10. i am new to GAP AS WELL and i already feel the comfort when i eat yogurt everyday. and i would love to have the book to be able to cook for my health!!!

  11. Needing some inspiration at the moment in my journey with chronic fatigue syndrome–I think this e-book might be just the ticket!

    Thank you for all your wisdom over the years, Baden.

  12. I would love to have this book….my 8year old son and I need to go on this diet…he’s adhd and Ive always had digestive issuse since I was a young girl…we live a very frugal life right now with three boys…so even buying books isn’t in the budget…getting a free one would be a blessing!

  13. We have just started Gaps for my 5 yr old asd son, very picky eater after being on every diet there is. Spent two weeks cooking all day, and my house continuously smells like chicken soup which he’s thankfully eating. But anything baked (coconut flour, almond flour) he spits out! I’ve been scouring the internet – SOS – I need help!!!! :)

    • Hi Shiri,

      Your son may be just very intuitive! The broths, meats, veggies, dairy, eggs, ferments should account for most of our diet. Baked goods are not essential, and can slow healing. Don’t feel he must eat baked things. There is so much more to eat on GAPS :)

      All my best,

  14. Still doing the intro and souped out. Can’t wait to try some Full GAPS recipes. Thanks for this chance to win!

  15. I am the winner !!! My journey on GAPS has been so successful over the past year, many ups and downs but sooooo worth it. I just love the chicken and beef stock not a day passes where I don’t have at least 500mls usually I manage a litre a day. I am yet to introduce yogurt trying but not quite healed enough yet no doubt the day will come….I appreciate all your hard work Baden it has helped me on my journey thankyou very much.

  16. I am brand new to this diet after being advised about it by my chiropractor. I had just moved to a new city and he took one look at me and said – “your gut ISN’T HAPPY”. How right he was.

    I am desperate for any information on GAPS, in the hopes that my gut will be happy for the first time in over 20 years.

  17. Learning about GAPS has helped me get off two prescription drugs and enjoy better health and a much better outlook on life. A new cookbook is a great thing!

  18. Upon being told by three Ear, Nose and Throat specialists (who are all well renown) that I need sinus surgery to extract a cyst (-like) mass in my maxilary sinus cavity, I sought alternative therapy because a Mayo research study on these forms of masses/cysts are fungal in 95% of cases and surgery is no guarantee against recurrence. After flu-like symptoms (identical to chronic candida) that kept me home sick from work for 2 weeks and dreading this highly advised sinus surgery, I came across your site and took your advice on trying Bio kult. Thank you so so so very much! Despite massive die-off symptoms which lasted 3-4 days, I was able to breath again within 10 days. My sinus began to drain on its own while I was taking this probiotic and I firmly believe that the fluid mass was nothing more than a fungal mass of candida origin. I’ve now run out of bio kult and will go on another course of 2 capsules a day just to prevent any recurrence as I’m surely still extremely succeptable. Thank you for your site, your advice, and GAPS!

    • Marija,

      Thank you so much for posting this experience! This will bolster and help many people. What a testament to how even just some aspects of GAPS can resolve issues that some insist can only be treated by invasive procedures.

      For people fighting candida overgrowth, the following are also helpful (though will also trigger die-off): coconut oil; saccharomyces boulardii ( offers a nice clean one). And definitely it’s important to continue the full GAPS protocol (diet, detox, supplementation) including a quality probiotic such as you are taking.

      Congratulations on your effective research and self-care!

      All my best,

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