Add’l $10 Off GAPS Guide eBook – Three Days Only

Tell your friends, your forum participants, your clients! Thanks to private sponsorship, September 20, 21, and 22 ONLY, a coupon is available for the ePub of GAPS Guide 2nd Edition. The coupon takes care of the first $10 on this product, dropping the price to an amazing $19.99!

Again, these three days only -midnight to midnight Eastern Standard Time- and only on the ePub edition! (Keen on mobi or print? Keep reading.)

Book Details:

To access this deal:

  • make sure you are purchasing only on September 20, 21, or 22, between midnight and midnight Eastern Standard Time
  • go to the store page,
  • select the ePub edition and,
  • at the payment processing page, enter coupon code GGSEPT202122.

The payment processing page will then present the sale price of $19.99.

Again, start and end times are midnight Eastern Standard Time -please plan accordingly.

What can you do now? In preparation for viewing the ePub file, download the free Adobe Edition linked to on the ebook’s Help With Purchase page.

Keen on the mobi file or paperback? Missed the deal? Watch this blog (or subscribe -free!) to catch any future offers.

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One thought on “Add’l $10 Off GAPS Guide eBook – Three Days Only

  1. I really want your 2nd edition but I don’t want an ebook. Darn!! We could use the discount.

    But I’m sure you could use the regular price/income too.

    Love that you are doing this. We’ll get the book. I love to hold the book. Old fashioned.

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