GAPS Guide for Philippines Relief

From every purchase of GAPS Guide 2nd Edition completed through this website from November 5th through December 5th, 2013, I will donate 50% of your purchase price, before shipping fees and while supplies last, to relief efforts in the Philippines. As a result, the Canadian government will match the GAPS Guide donation dollar-for-dollar, regardless of where you (the GAPS Guide purchaser) are in the world, ultimately increasing your contribution by 100%.

I wrote very recently about homelessness and my own experience of it, which pales in comparison to the homelessness experienced by people around the world who lose their homes through natural disasters, war, and other sources of displacement. I am lucky to now have access not just to the bare essentials -which is already more than many have- but also to very clean water free of charge, nutrient-dense foods of choice, and a comfortable place to sleep every night which allows my body to heal, replenish, and detoxify.

My own journey through poverty -being at the mercy of local social service agencies working from varying points on the spectrum of integrity- left me very conscientious when donating any resource, including money. For the past few years, I have used to help me locate organizations which will ensure donated resources go as far as possible to actually help the people they were intended for. However, the Canadian government’s dollar matching program -dramatically maximizing the relief contributions of you and I- will apply only to donations made through registered Canadian charities, and the excellent Charity Navigator does not assess Canadian charities (and the Canadian equivalent is still building its database). I do know that one of my favourite international aid organizations is Partners In Health; unfortunately, it is not working on this specific disaster. Thus, for this effort, I must start my research from scratch. Between now and December 5th, I will continue researching organizations until I locate the Canadian international aid organization in which I am most confident. (So far, Global Medic is on my radar.)

So, if you are considering buying a copy of GAPS Guide for yourself or for a friend, and you are also wanting to contribute to relief efforts in the Philippines, consider making that purchase between now and December 5th. (The paperback version ships out week of November 18th, then again mid-to-late December. The eBook version is available for immediate download, and a reduced price is available on a combination of the two. For all options, see:


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One thought on “GAPS Guide for Philippines Relief

  1. This is fantastic Baden. It warms my heart. I will tell others who might be interested in your book and be inspired by your offer.


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