Acne – Food Finally Proven!

It drives me nuts to hear doctors, nutritionists, scientists, and others insist that there are no links where we have seen them to be. Food and symptoms of autism or schizophrenia are excellent examples of these. Acne is another. But check out this excerpt published in Shape Magazine June 2013:

Plagued by acne? Take a closer look at what you’re putting in your mouth. The relationship between diet and blemishes has long been dismissed by dermatologists and scientists, but a recent analysis of 27 studies published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that certain foods can indeed aggravate the condition. The biggest offenders: dairy (probably due to the hormones it contains) and foods that are high on the glycemic index (GI)- which means they rapidly raise your blood glucose. “A spike in blood sugar triggers the release of insulin, which causes the sebaceous glands to produce more oil,” says coauthor Jennifer Burris, R.D.N., a doctoral candidate in nutrition at New York University. Although sweet foods are more apt to rank high on the index, don’t count on taste alone to guide you, she cautions. Dried fruits, for example, tend to be lower on the scale than starchy veggies like corn and potatoes.

This lines up with what we (in this community and on this blog) have been talking about for years:

  • Food can give us obvious symptoms
  • Removing specific foods from our diets can relieve symptoms (note: but adding other ones in can have an even greater positive impact)
  • In many cases, dried fruit is an entirely acceptable for a body that cannot tolerate starchy veggies
  • Not all dermatologists, scientists, nutritionists, and doctors are fully informed yet as to cause and effect
  • While we are being told by “the experts” that we’re imagining links between food and autism, schizophrenia, acne, and more, it can be critically important that we believe what we observe in ourselves and our children and act accordingly.

I had cystic acne as a teen, and retain the scars from it. While some teens and adults are able to maintain positive self-esteem despite this symptom, for many of us it packs a real punch, with the physical and psychological effects lingering long after it resolves. I’d love to help you release it A.S.A.P.!

For a complete, comprehensive, step-by-step guide to what to remove and add for amazing results, check out the book GAPS Guide 2nd Edition!


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One thought on “Acne – Food Finally Proven!

  1. ….”it can be critically important that we believe what we observe in ourselves and our children and act accordingly”.

    I agree that this is very important. It is all too easy to be intimidated by healthcare professionals into not trusting our own inner knowing. Granted it is subjective and it can take a lot of careful self observation to listen to our bodies. But healthcare professionals often have knowledge about a specific set of information without the whole picture of our own experiences. Also most healthcare providers don’t tell you that what they know is limited, and that there is MUCH they don’t know. It’s easy to hear what they say as THE TRUTH.
    GAPS is so much more than a diet or a list of foods to eat in a certain order.
    Applying the GAPS protocol is a way to learn how to listen to your body and experiences to become even more knowledgeable about your health and how your body works.
    It is very empowering. We can shift or relationship to our healthcare providers, to that of being partners….they have valuable tools and deep knowledge that can be used in conjunction with our inner experiences of our bodies, our cooking practices, our attitude shifts, and our heart connections….. The doctor can be a partner rather than the authority that knows all.

    Baden’s GAPS Guide is an incredible ally in this self training to be our own best source of wisdom on our health journeys.

    Thanks Baden!

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